ErrandFolks provides volunteers to support deaf elders and deaf people who are immunocompromised with grocery shopping and errands during COVID-19 2020 pandemic.



ERRANDFOLKS: Volunteers can safely help their communities by following this guide developed in accordance with your home state's Department of Public Health’s safety guidelines while volunteering.

Errand Folks, how?

Our ultimate goal is to keep this simple and sweet for all of you! First, you will need to send an email to that you need support. We will respond with a few questions (your location/what you need/where we find them/when need it) Then we will send out confidential information to our folks in your location to see who is available to help you. When we have an ErrandFolk ready to support you, they will be connected with you to work together to get your errands done.

Service and Volunteer

Grocery Shopping

Service and Volunteer

Frequent Asked Questions

Many of us are afraid and cannot go out to shop for food. Don’t worry because you can contact Errand Folks with 65+ volunteers all over the United States and they’re happy to help!